Rodeo for a Reason
Kendra Dickson and Rodeo For a Reason

Vegas Watch Party

Every night during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, Rodeo for a Reason will host a nightly viewing party starting at 6:30 P.M., pacific standard time, hosted by Johnny Dudley and Kendra Dickson. This will be the only family friendly viewing party in Vegas!

Before the viewing party, Rodeo for a Reason will host a nightly message and worship service staring at 6:00 P.M., pacific standard time. We have our annual Saddle-A-Day Giveaway! This year we will give away 11 saddles in 10 days!! You will receive a ticket just by showing up! If you come in wearing one of our Lilly corsages you will receive 5 extra tickets!! If you come to the viewing party wearing our Humming bird you will receive 10 extra tickets!! And if you purchase one of our Rodeo for a Reason t-shirts you can receive 5 extra tickets per shirt!!

For those of you watching online, you will also have a chance to win one of our saddles! All you have to do is watch online at the Rodeo for a Reason Facebook page and listen for our hidden words that we will give during the message and turn in all 10 hidden words to us by the end of the week!

Schedule of Speakers for each night:

  • Thursday the 6th- Kendra Dickson
  • Friday the 7th- Youth and Young Adults, Shelby Higginbotham, Danielle Williams, Martha Sinclair, and Brittany Grace Matkin
  • Saturday the 8th- Ron Rhodes
  • Sunday the 9th- Omanez Fockler and Carol Doss
  • Monday the 10th- Ron Rhodes
  • Tuesday the 11th- Tammy Voellinger
  • Wednesday the 12th- Ron Rhodes
  • Thursday the 13th- Dr. Jennifer Ferguson
  • Friday the 14th- Sammye Woods
  • Saturday the 15th- Coronation Day