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Victory in Vegas

Victory in Vegas
November 20, 2017 admin
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Victory in Vegas

December 7-16

The Lord Our Healer has called Rodeo for a Reason to action this year in Las Vegas during the NFR. Within a matter of weeks He has pulled together an entire taskforce and it has snowballed into something much bigger than all of our hopes and dreams. We believe you are called to be a part of this mission to bring hope, love, joy and VICTORY in the name of Christ Jesus.


We have a team of pastors that will give a ‘VICTORY Message’ every day at 5PM PST via Facebook Live on the Rodeo for a Reason page. Everyone who tunes in to this message, globally, will be able to enter to win one of our 10 $3500 custom saddles that we will give away. Ten nights, ten saddles, ten fold.


Our pastoral team is comprised of cowboy, traditional and Vegas-local pastors: Dr. Gregory Voss, Pastor of Word of Life church; a pastor from International Church of Las Vegas; Pastor Randy Free of Cedar Cross Country Church; Cowboy Preacher Ray Perryman of Short Round Ministries; and Kendra Dickson, the cowgirl God chose to bring this mission to life from through her own Rodeo for a Reason Ministries.


God is longing to use His own to bring the message of victory to those tired of losing. There’s people we will reach that He wants to feed (Jn 4:34), to bring shelter to(Ps 91:4) and to clothe (lsa 61:10). He wants to repair and restore (lsa 58:12), and he expects us to ‘spur one another on toward love and good deeds’ (Heb 1 0:24) that we may learn how to ‘ride in triumph’ (lsa 58:14).


We have graciously been given blessing by Clark County to facilitate and use the  historic and iconic ‘Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign location  for our gatherings. This is just south of Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Address that may be used is 5100 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119