Rodeo for a Reason
Kendra Dickson and Rodeo For a Reason

Palm Tree

Rodeo for a Reason has used the palm tree as their unofficial icon for quite some time as it has been Kendra’s vision for RFAR to be like an oasis.

A place of refuge and renewing; abundance of life in dry places.

The palm tree represents victory. You will find palm trees on much of RFAR’s artwork, on every one of the saddles that will be given away at the 1 0 for 10 celebrations, as well as on the saddle that RFAR sponsors for the WNFR Top 15.

In light of the tragedy that unfolded in October of 201 7, isn’t it a beautiful picture that Las Vegas’ sky­-line is painted with palm trees? A strong and sturdy tree that continues to reach upwards in harsh conditions and produces life-sustaining fruit up high in the heavenlies where the things on the ground cannot soil or destroy.

An ever-present reminder that even when we find ourselves in a desert, a desolate place without hope or life, we can have abundant victory when Christ is our Victor.

John 16:33

1 John 5:4

1 Corinthians 15:57