Rodeo for a Reason
Kendra Dickson and Rodeo For a Reason

Miss Rodeo For A Reason Pageant

The Miss Rodeo for a Reason pageant is like no other! This pageant is #outtatheropingbox and #offthecurbchain.

The Miss RFAR pageant is not traditional, it’s revolutionary, history making and not political!!!

We will have our Miss Rodeo for a Reason 2019 along with the Social Media Leader, the Horsemanship Leader, and the POSH Leader (Professional, Optimistic,Spiritual, Honorable). There is over $8,000 in money and prizes to be given away!

What makes this pageant different is the girls will do the bulk of the judging for each other AND the girls will make their own gowns out of feed bags using raw material! The pageant takes place in Las Vegas, NV at The Plaza Hotel December 12th-15th.