Rodeo for a Reason
Kendra Dickson and Rodeo For a Reason

10 Saddles

10 – 10 – 10 (and 10 Saddles)

In 2012, God told Kendra she should give away ten saddles in Las Vegas. Team Gold Buckle has  been praying for this dream at each clinic over the years, holding up ten fingers for photos.

For years we called the dream 10.10.10. Meaning:

  • Ten rounds
  • Ten saddles
  • Tenfold

We shortened it this year to “10 for 10” because it’s easier to say and remember.

Please support Kendra and Team Gold Buckle as this ministry seeks to introduce Christ to as many as possible through this ministry and vision of 10.10.10.

God Bless and Thank You …